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How often do you really maintain your fiters?

Once a year filter is now available

New Product Alert – Disposable Filter – Replace every 12 months* – No regular maintenance required during filter lifetime

The majority of system breakdowns are primarily caused by dirty and blocked filters.  Unfortunately, people simply forget to clean the filter, out of sight, out of mind.  Vacuuming or washing a standard filter will result in damaging the filter material, providing no protection for you or the system.  Using AirClean Filters™ you won’t need to vacuum or wash the filter anymore.  Instead you can just simply replace it with a new clean disposable filter every 12 months*.

The AirClean™ high efficiency V-pleat filter is a disposable filter designed to trap pollutants that are over 10 times smaller when compared to traditional panel filters.  The ‘V’ pleat design has over 2.5 times the surface area as the traditional panel filter and allows 65% more airflow efficiency than standard filters.  By trapping pollutants, not only does the filter keep the unit cleaner and running more efficiently, maintaining a cleaner indoor unit coil/heat exchange improves the performance and extends the life of the unit, as well as reduces energy consumption.

AirClean Filters™ are 25mm nominal thickness and are designed to easily slide into existing and new return air grilles. The unique 5mm and 10mm inserts can provide extra length or width if required. They are available in standard and non-standard sizes.  Contact us for available sizing and made to measure requirements.

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