Advantage Air

Specialised Air Pty Ltd was proudly appointed the NSW distributor for the Advantage Air range of products in 2008.

Advantage Air’s unique and innovative design of the Exact Air Regulators makes installation of your ducted system quicker, easier and more cost efficient.

Offering a choice of up to 4 zoning systems that have been designed especially to complement the Exact Air range of regulators gives you flexibility to design and install a system that is efficient and cost effective for your customer. Please contact us for more information on the Advantage Air product range or have a look at the video and information brochures below.  You are also welcome to visit our office and view how the system works. There is also further detailed information on the Advantage Air range on our Products Pages 

We can also assist you with the design of Advantage Air systems, showing you the benefits of using Advantage Air rather than standard BTO & Y Pieces.


Introducing Zoning Systems from

Ezone Brochure 2022
Zone10E Brochure
Fittings - Plastic Big Exact Air Regulator



In order for the EZONE to run correctly it must have regular updates installed.

Just like any other smart device these days (IPhone, Samsung, IPad, Tablet) you MUST install these regular updates to keep the EZONE system running smoothly. If these are not installed the program and options may stop working.

Please ensure that each EZONE installation is completed with the end user installing a Google account and
leaving it running on the tablet so that auto updates can be installed automatically when they are released.

Instructions on setting up a Google account can be found here

Set up a Google account

eZone User Manual

Advantage Air Error Codes – End User


 Advantage Air, like many other companies, have been effected by Google’s & Alexa’s (Amazon) decision to no longer support conversational actions.  They have not disclosed any future plans to replace this feature to allow similar control.

Going forward Advantage Air will be offering voice integration via Google Assistant and Siri and have decided to bring voice control inside their own app to guarantee the best possible user experience.  Initially it may not have all of the functionality currently available and they are working hard to get this done as soon as possible.

We will update this page as soon as we have any further information regarding Google integration to share.

Advantage Air Warranty Claim Information

If you are experiencing a problem with an Advantage Air product, please follow the steps below:

    1. If screen shows an Error Code please refer to this list of Error Status Codes for assistance.
    2. If you are unable to fix the Error Code Status or if there is a different problem with the Advantage Air product, please telephone Advantage Air Technical Support Team on 1300 850 191 between the hours of 7am and 7pm AEDST.  The team will troubleshoot over the phone to try and fix the problem.  Please ensure that the person who is calling is in front of the screen at the time of making the call.
    3. If the Technical Support Team have advised a replacement/repair is necessary, then please complete a Warranty Claim Form and return it to us by email.  We will then contact Advantage Air Warranty Department on your behalf and lodge a claim.  Advantage Air will then contact the end user directly by telephone to arrange repair/replacement of the faulty item (this will be at the discretion of Advantage Air Warranty Team).  You will find the Warranty Claim Form here.

Please Note:

  • Warranty period on any electrical item is 5 years from the date of initial install. (This does not reset if a replacement part is provided).
  • Warranty period on zone motors is 12 months from the date of install.